Both pets and kids explore the world by putting things into their mouth, including any plants that they may have access to. This isn’t a problem with some plants - after all, many plants are not only completely safe to eat, but are delicious too! However, many ornamental houseplants can actually be quite dangerous if consumed by pets or kids, making it important to know more about the specific plants you have in your home.

Plants You Don’t Need to Worry About

If you plan on keeping your plants in a location that your pets or kids will be able to reach, then it’s always best to go for a variety that is completely non-toxic. You could also opt for a plant that can provide additional health benefits to your kids and pets, such as the Parlor Palm, which is known for effectively cleaning the air.

Other plants on the safe list include:

If you’re looking for a new plant that’s safe to keep around both pets and kids, take a look at the Pet-Safe Plants range on the Modern Garden online shop.

Plants to Keep Out of Reach

While some houseplants are safe if accidentally eaten, others can be quite dangerous. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have them in your home - it would simply be wiser to keep them somewhere out of reach from pets and kids.

Here are a few plants that, while toxic if consumed, work well when kept high up in a hanging basket:

What to Do If Your Pet or Kid Eats Some of Your Plants

If you notice that your pet or kid has nibbled on one of your plants, the first thing that you should do is check to see if that plant is toxic. A quick internet search should point you in the right direction. If you have purchased your plant from the Modern Garden website, the product page for your plant will give you more details on the toxicity of that variety.

If the plant that has been eaten is dangerous, then immediate medical/veterinary advice should be sought. However, if the plant is safe, you don’t need to worry, although you may want to move the plant out of reach to prevent it from being further damaged.


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