Our children are growing up in a world where technology reigns supreme. They spend more time looking at screens than nature. It's up to us adults to encourage and foster that connection with nature, and it can be as easy as including them in the care of your houseplants. 



Houseplants can be a great learning experience for kids in so many ways. The act of caring for a living thing alone will teach your child responsibility, commitment, and compassion. A houseplant can also be a teaching tool for history, geography, and science. 


Commitment to Care

Have your child choose a favorite plant in the house to care for. Or help them pick one out from our shop, like our kid friendly Snake Plant. Get them excited and committed by giving them their own watering can, and creating a watering schedule. Watching their plant thrive and grow will give them a sense of accomplishment while teaching them the value of responsibility. 



Learning Compassion

A houseplant is a living thing and needs to be nurtured. It should be cared for with love, light, water, and gentle hands. Teaching your child to provide this care for their houseplant will give them a better understanding of compassion. This is a lesson that will stay with them for a lifetime.  



A Houseplants Role in the Ecosystem

During watering sessions explain to your child how their plant contributes to the ecosystem. You can discuss how plants provide oxygen, their role in the carbon cycle, their air purifying capabilities, and all the health benefits to our wellbeing. If your child is especially interested in an air purifying plant, the Rubber Tree is a top choice.


History and Geography Lesson

Whichever plant your child takes on the responsibility of caring for, can be an opportunity for learning. Most houseplants have an interesting and long history, one of our favorites is the Braided Money Tree. Some are even used in traditional medicine, like the Aloe Vera plant. Help your child research where their plant originates from and the history behind their houseplant. Learning everything you can about their specific plant can be a fun and educational project you can do together. 

As a society we have become disconnected from nature. The climate crisis alone is reason enough to fix that relationship. Encouraging our children at an early age to care for and explore houseplants will help develop a lasting connection and appreciation for the world around them. After all, there's no wellbeing without nature’s wellbeing.

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