Houseplants can breathe life into the design of a room, naturally boost the mood and improve air quality. Knowing which houseplants and how to incorporate them into the design of your home can be intimidating. Our planterior experts have compiled their favorite houseplants for specific design ideas, placement suggestions and tips to help guide you. Read on to style your houseplants like the professionals!

The Styled Plant Shelf

Perfectly styled plant shelves aren't always so easy to curate. If you are looking to create that insta worthy #plantshelfie you've seen all over social media, you'll want to start by deciding on which plants and accessories you're going to combine for the shelf. Accessories that can be easily found in your home like knick knacks, small treasures, photos, and favorite books that hold meaning to you will help personalize the shelf. Layer plants behind other plants to create depth. Varying the size and scale of your accessories and plants will make figuring out the best placement easier. You also want to keep in mind not to overwhelm the plants with too many accessories, the plants should be the focal point of the shelf. 

As for plant choice, we recommend our Spring Mystery Box for the variety and beautiful matching planters combined with our Modern Planterior Shelf Set for a perfectly finished look. 

The Plant Ladder



A plant ladder is a fun unique way to display a variety of houseplants without taking up to much floor space. It works well in both small spaces and larger rooms. In a smaller space it becomes a focal point in the design. In larger rooms it can be the perfect filler for corners, adding visual interest to the space. We recommend alternating between hanging plants, like the pothos, and standing plants, like our ZZ plant for a more pleasing to the eye look.

The Entryway Design


The entryway is your guests first introduction to your home making it an excellent location for houseplants. The addition of greenery to this particular space elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the home. It also gives your guest a welcoming feeling by  brightening the space with life, color and beauty. We recommend our Aglaonema Silver Bay , not only for its stunning looks but because it is one of the best entrance area plants for its sturdiness. It's easy to grow and maintain as it can tolerate almost every indoor condition. 


The Bar Cart

A bar cart might seem like an unexpected place for a houseplant but our experts explain adding a living plant can add some serious style and beauty to your cart. Achieve a high end modern look by keeping the cart clear of clutter. Show off your most prized bottles and stemware while leaving space for a small plant for a pop of color and visual interest. We recommend our Money Tree for its fun braided trunk and good fortune charm. 

Lively green houseplants are always a great idea no matter how you decide to place them into the design of your home. When entering a space with plants, the eyes are automatically drawn to them. Your body and soul naturally become more comfortable and relaxed. In our opinion, no other decor beats the beauty of nature. 

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