Epipremnum Aureum (Pothos)

Modern Garden Types of Pothos:

  • Jade Pothos
  • Marble Queen Pothos
  • Neon Pothos
  • Golden Pothos



Pothos can live in low to medium indirect sunlight. They’re easy to care for plant! Great for every space.


Pothos only need to be watered biweekly, allowing its soil to completely dry out between waterings to prevent overwatering and root rot. Depending on the temperature of your space this will vary! During the winter months, your pothos will be fine being watered every 3-4 weeks if the soil is still moist biweekly. Read more watering tips and tricks here



Epipremnum Aureum do not have any particular humidity requirement - they thrive in dry environments. They're survivors! 



Epipremnum Aureum do not have any particular temperature requirements but will suffer if subjected to temperatures below 50ºF. 



Epipremnum Aureum are toxic to both people and animals (not healthy to eat) - keep away from small children and pets.


  • Brown stalks and yellowing leaves: suggest your Pothos has been overwatered. Make sure you allow its soil to fully dry between waterings.
  • Dry, crispy tips leaf tips: indicates your plant is underwatered or scorched from direct sunlight.
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