Not Just Plants

Modern Garden is inspired by those who grow and flourish with their greens. Your plants are so much more than just decor! It is there for you through your highs, and your lows. Your plant friend is the first to the party and will be there for you when no one else is. They will be there for you through breakups and to welcome the one you’ve been looking for. They will brighten up your first apartment and complete your new home. They’re not just plants, they are life long partners.

Modern Solution

Our goal is to provide a modern solution for modern plant lovers. We want to eliminate the hassle you have to go through of visiting multiple nurseries and home goods locations only to settle for what you were kind-of looking for.

We continue to perfect the craft of keeping plants at the right temperature, protect their roots, and keep them healthy while they travel from our greenhouse to your home. Even though things happen to the plants sometimes, while in transit, we will always be there for you to make it right.


All The Guidance

We are here to help you with any and all of your plant care concerns. From simple care instructions that come included with your plants, to real-time Plant Doctor support, we want to make plant care easy so you can keep your plants alive and thriving. Feel free to email or chat us any questions you have. We are always on stand by!

Proud To Support One Tree Planted

Nowadays it seems like the world is on fire due to climate change and that effects the oxygen we breath and homes for wildlife, so with our OneTreePlanted initiative we will preserve and protect our nature and forests.

With every order we will fight against deforestation across different regions of the world, not only by planting trees but also by empowering locals with tools and training for their livelihood on how to regenerate and protect their forests.